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For 14 years, our scout troop enjoyed memorable camping adventures at a foundation’s campsite. Unfortunately, since 2021, the foundation that used to sponsor our Scouts organization stopped providing the site, leading us to rent campsites elsewhere. This has proven costly and exceeds our budget.

As brothers and sisters in scouting, we appeal to the 55 million scouts worldwide. If just 0.001%, or 100,000 scouts, each donated $1, we could acquire our own campsite, ensuring year-round access for our troop.

Your support is vital to our cause. Together, as scouts, we will construct our campsite and continue our tradition of outdoor exploration and growth.

Our old campsite

Since 2008, countless scouts have forged lasting memories, embraced scouting, and reveled in the splendor of Armenia’s natural landscapes.

However, since 2021, a somber reality has set in: our scouts are no longer welcome at our beloved campsite. The owner’s decision to cease funding and support has left us adrift.

On our final visit, as a poignant gesture of hope, our scouts gathered soil from the ground. This soil symbolizes our unwavering determination that one day, when we have our own campsite, we will scatter this soil and pick up right where we left off.

Our journey after 2021

In 2021, our Chief Scout Executive, with the support of the Scout’s Council members, the entire scouts team, and parents, took a bold step. Due to our old name’s affiliation with our previous funding organization, we re-registered our Scouts troop under a new name. Thus, ARALEZ Scouts were officially established and recognized by the Government of the Republic of Armenia as ARALEZ NGO.

For three years, our Chief Scout Executive, Saro Tatios, selflessly dedicated all profits from his company to sustain our Scouts. Each year, we rented guest houses for our camps, providing all Scouts with a free camp experience. However, the rising costs have made this approach unsustainable, especially because most of our members are from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, and all Scouts go to camp for free. and in our country, almost all viable locations for camping are privately owned, and we cannot simply camp in forests due to local regulations.

What we Need

In the past years, we have been able to collect and acquire the necessary camping equipment such as tents, cookware, uniforms, etc. However, we currently do not have a campsite to utilize this equipment.

A CampSite

We need a campsite that we can call our own, a place where we can go whenever we want, where we can sing, run, and build scouting pioneering projects. We need a place to call our home, where we are not afraid of being kicked out for singing aloud or due to financial constraints.

And this is where you can make a difference.

With over 50 million Scouts around the world, if only 0.001% donate just $1, we can raise enough money to purchase a campsite and restart our journey, ensuring that future Scouts will have the opportunity to start their own.

What will your funding cover

Our goal is to raise $100,000, which will be used to fund the following initiatives:

  1. The majority of the funding ≈ 60 to 80 thousand US dollars will go towards purchasing land that can accommodate over 200 scouts camping at once.
    The land area will be approximately 7000 – 10,000 m² and will be 100% owned by our Scouts NGO.
  2. Next, we will need to bring water and electricity to the land ≈ 5 to 7 thousand US dollars.
  3. We will then purchase all building materials and start the construction phase. The campsite will include a large dining hall, kitchen, bathrooms, and storage facility. Our Chief Scout Executive, Saro Tatios, is a Civil Engineer, who will provide all necessary expertise and legal documents for construction for free. To reduce costs further, the Rover Scouts (22+ years old) have pledged to do all the construction work for free once the campsite is acquired.

As a thank you from all of us, the dining hall will forever bear the names of all those who helped us reach our dream of having our campsite which will be called the Honor Wall. We vow that scouts from around the world can come to Armenia and camp at our site for free.

The Honor Wall



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